Online Physics tutoring to improve your grades

James Moyle 

is a physics teacher in the United Kingdom with 27 years experience. He has worked in a range of different schools, state and independent, co-ed and single sex.





The online tutoring takes place using Microsoft Teams, OneNote, Forms and Whiteboard.

As a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert you can rely on James using the online technology with fluency to achieve the best educational results



The tutoring makes use of the latest research in education to ensure learniing is embeded effectively. In particular, you can expect to recieve timely feedback and a tutor who is available to answer questions between video sessions to ensure a continuous learning experience


  • bespoke 1:1 video meetings with interactive content to meet each student's needs
  • multiple choice questions to complete between sessions to help embed learning
  • Past paper questions to practice which can be submitted for marking
  • Comprehensive learning resources for each topic covered.

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Social Media and Videos




My Youtube channel has videos explaining some concetual areas or will work through a particular problem as requested by students



TikTok video focus on fascinating applications of Physics.